Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops

Wading in Big Shoes - Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops
Who’s ready for some sugarrrrrrrrr???

No day or night out would be complete without a little sweet treat, amirite? The thing is . . . sometimes you’re in the mood for something rich and filling, and sometimes you just want a little taste of chocolate to round off your meal. I’ve gotchyou. Today, I’m going to take you on a quick tour of some of my go-to Detroit dessert shops. While this list is not extensive (there are so many great dessert places popping up every day!), it will give you a variety of different options and depending on your preference or mood, should help you find the perfect solution for your sugary craving.

Sister Pie

Wading in Big Shoes - Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops
You may already know about Sister Pie’s renowned namesake creations (Whole pies! Pie slices! I even made a pie from their cookbook and it was amazing!), and those are absolutely reason enough to get yourself down to Detroit’s West Village. But if you’re looking to switch things up (and at $2 or less, get a little more bang for your buck), do not. sleep. on. the. cookies. Ahhh, you guys—Sister Pie is good at everything, so you just know you’re going to love an assortment of Golden Oaties (similar to oatmeal raisin), Robert Redfords (packed with pretzels, oats, chocolate, and walnuts), and man oh man, those pie sandwich cookies (made from the same dough the bake shop uses in its pies). Your cookie requirements will never be the same.

Astoria Pastry Shop

Wading in Big Shoes - Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops
It seems like I can't escape Greektown (or Royal Oak) without a voyage to Astoria, a delightful pastry paradise that will overload your senses in the best possible way. This place is often hopping with customers, so depending on the day, you’ll likely draw a number to place your order or (and this has typically been my experience) you may have to get a little assertive when ordering because there’s not always a clear line around the counter (please just be mindful of others). Mousses, cannolis (my fave!), tortes, cookies, and other European-style delicacies span the glass cases, so if you don’t know what you’re in the mood for, be sure to take a few minutes to look over all your choices.

Besides the fact that everything here is delicious, I love that Astoria is typically open pretty late (making it a perfect post-dinner activity). Plus, you’ll receive your treats in a paper box wrapped up with string, which makes it feel like you’re receiving a special gift on top of your ordering experience.

La Gloria Bakery

Wading in Big Shoes - Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops
If you’re in Mexicantown for an authentic feast and find you have a little extra room next to that burrito you just inhaled, make sure you swing by La Gloria Bakery for dessert. Inside this big, pink building, there are self-serve cases filled with churros, cookies, and other sweet and savory goodies for fairly low prices. There’s no place to dine-in here, but the experience of choosing your own dessert adventure is what makes this place fun.

Avalon International Breads

Wading in Big Shoes - Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops
My first experience with Avalon was actually a pop-up Luke’s Diner/Gilmore Girls event in midtown (more on that here), but the newer Woodward Avenue location is actually my go-to sweet spot whenever I’m in the heart of downtown. At Avalon, you’ll find some heartier noshes like brownies and galettes, and bonus: They go great with the bakery’s coffee or espresso drinks.

Dutch Girl Donuts

This beloved doughnut shop has been a staple in the community since 1947, but I actually just visited for the first time a couple months ago (and I've lived in Michigan for almost nine years now, you guys!). Dutch Girl Donuts serves up fresh, piping hot doughnuts from an indoor walk-up window, so if you're hungry, it's going to be hard to resist tearing into your bag of treats as soon as it's in your hands. This place is also super-affordable, and when Brad and I visited, we were each given free doughnuts on top of the ones we ordered/paid for (not sure if this is an all-the-time thing or if the staff were just being nice). I got a custard-filled doughnut of sorts (kind of like an eclair?) and a plain, glazed doughnut that I'm pretty sure was infused with cinnamon. Both were *chef's kiss* perfection.

Bon Bon Bon

Wading in Big Shoes - Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops
Bon Bon Bon is THE cute cute cutest. With a manufactory in Hamtramck, storefront downtown on Griswold Street, and a new(!) location in midtown, there are plenty of places to pick up a box of these adorably-decadent chocolates. Buckle up for some fun-tastic flavors, as you’ll find an assortment of one-of-a-kind concoctions that include ingredients like fizzy sugar (like Pop Rocks but better!), Better Made potato chips, and even Dutch Girl Donuts. Disclaimer: These bons are a little on the pricier side (about $3.50 for a one-and-a-half-ish-bite bon), but are incredibly unique, come in great packaging, and make a great gift or indulgent treat.

Good Cakes and Bakes

Wading in Big Shoes - Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops
Good cake is literally the name of the game at this woman-owned bakery, where you’ll find flavors that range from peanut butter to lemon velvet to vegan banana. Stop by Good Cakes and Bakes for a cupcake, cookie, or brownie bar, and sit for a bit to admire the colorful decor (it’s just as adorable as the treats!).

Detroit Dessert Places To Try Next

All right: So now that I've shared my top recommendations, which of these shops would you be most likely to try? I currently have several on my list that I have yet to visit (For the Love of Sugar and Cannelle to name a couple), so I'll be sure to share my thoughts once I try those, as well!

Are you a dessert person? What's your favorite sweet treat when you're faced with a plethora of choices?

Wading in Big Shoes - Get Your Sweet Fix At These Detroit Dessert Shops