5 Greenfield Village Activities You Might Have Missed

5 Greenfield Village Activities You Might Have Missed - Wading in Big Shoes

In honor of Greenfield Village opening for the season, I’ve started planning my next visit and thinking about how I can switch things up a little this year. That’s the beauty of Greenfield Village: there are so many things to do and see that no trip is ever the same! This time around, I’ve chosen five activities that I’ve either just discovered or have wanted to take part in for a long time. Check them out below and consider adding a few (or all) to your upcoming Greenfield Village itinerary!

1. Make Your Own Glassware Or Brassware

5 Greenfield Village Activities You Might Have Missed - Wading in Big Shoes
Getting a firsthand look at historical demonstrations is one of the best things about visiting Greenfield Village. Glassblowing and machine work are just a couple of the trades represented at the Liberty Craftworks Historic District, but did you know you can also join in on the fun? Yep—for just $5, you can operate a 1917 lathe to make your very own brass candlestick, while half an hour and $40 will provide an interactive workshop for you to create a glass flower (cost covers instruction, production, and shipping). You’ll work with experts, get hands-on experience, and have a one-of-a-kind souvenir to take home!

Because village hours and demonstration times may vary, make sure to check dates and times before you visit (click here for more info). Prices listed are with village admission or membership.

2. Watch An Historic Base Ball Game

I keep hearing about the famous Lah-De-Dahs and their no-glove baseball games, but for some reason have never been in just the right place at just the right time to cheer them on! Historic Base Ball at Greenfield Village pays homage to Henry Chadwick’s 1867 Base Ball Book of Reference rules, so it’s unlike any modern-day major league game you’ll see. I can just imagine: a camping chair, some frozen custard, and a perfect view from my lawn seat. Batter up!

Historic Base Ball is free with your Greenfield Village admission! Click here to see the full schedule.

3. Ride The Weiser Railroad

5 Greenfield Village Activities You Might Have Missed - Wading in Big Shoes
How many times have I walked past the train at the Greenfield Village entrance and said to myself, “Next time, I’m going to to try that”? TOO many times, that’s how many! Word has it, the train tour takes passengers on a scenic, three-mile ride, providing views of surrounding landscapes and village sites. There are even stops throughout the village, so you can get off and see the landmarks as you please. Plus, if you’re an engineering nerd like my husband, you’ll undoubtedly enjoy getting a closer look at the historic steam or diesel locomotives in action. And if you’re an explorer nerd like me, you’ll enjoy a few minutes of resting your feet.

Click here to view a map of Greenfield Village, including all railroad stops!

4. Enjoy Tea At Cotswold Cottage

Okay, I LOVE this idea. Imagine stepping into a private garden filled with beautiful flowers, sitting down to tea and scones as the outside world fades away and butterflies land on your nose. Okay, that last part is probably a stretch, but I imagine Tea at Cotswold Cottage to be something out of The Secret Garden, where childlike wonder has no bounds. This event takes place during the summer (check dates here), so you’ll be able to enjoy a warm, sunny morning with friends and family! Now, where did I put my parasol?

Can’t get enough of pretty cottages and flower-filled gardens? Learn about the beautiful Edsel and Eleanor Ford House and gardens here!

5. Celebrate With A Salute To America

Fireworks! Cannons! The Detroit Symphony Orchestra! It all comes together during Salute to America, Greenfield Village’s annual Independence Day celebration. With plenty of food, live music, and a drum and fife parade, this spectacle seems like the perfect blend of New Year’s Eve and the biggest backyard barbecue around.

Are there any Greenfield Village attractions you’ve been wanting to experience? Let me know what’s on your list!

5 Greenfield Village Activities You Might Have Missed - Wading in Big Shoes

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5 Greenfield Village Activities You Might Have Missed-Wading in Big Shoes