8 Places To Find Unique Michigan Gifts In Metro Detroit

Okay, I know I should have been a bit more productive with my holiday prep this year, but as it turns out—we’re just a couple of weeks away from Christmas and I’ve barely made a dent in my shopping list! Yes, the Internet is a wonderful tool for ordering presents in a pinch, but sometimes, it’s fun to put a little extra effort into hand-selecting the perfect gift. If you’re in the Detroit area and are looking for some unique Michigan-made and inspired gifts of your own, try one (or all!) of these top-notch locations for stress-free shopping this year.

1. Pure Detroit (Detroit)

Wading In Big Shoes Pure Detroit
If I had to choose one brand that reflects the Motor City to a T, I’d choose Pure Detroit. The organization—which also hosts regular (FREE!) tours of the Guardian Building, Fisher Building, and downtown—also has several brick and mortar stores around the city. Products include apparel, jewelry, and artwork emblazoned with Detroit favorites (The Spirit of Detroit and Cadillac to name a couple), as well as several Detroit-made foods and local creations. One of its more memorable products? Belts (to wear) made from old seatbelts.

2. Lost & Found Vintage (Royal Oak)

Wading In Big Shoes Lost And Found Vintage Royal Oak
Want to know a great way to find gifts that are unique to an area?

Unique up on them! (Sorry, couldn’t help myself.)
My actual (hopefully, helpful) answer: geographically-specific gifts often turn up in vintage and antique shops. Lost & Found Vintage is a great place to start if you want that authentic Detroit vibe—you’ll find things like 1970s made-in-Detroit jackets and out-of-print Michigan maps and postcards. Sure, lots of people can replicate the style of vintage Detroit, but how special would it be to gift an item that actually “lived” through the times it represents?
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3. Eastern Market (Detroit)

Grab a pie, some local honey, a houseplant, a wreath, and keep on going! The Eastern Market is open all year (days and times vary by season), so there’s always something new to see. While you’re there, make sure to check out Eastern Market Antiques for more historic Michigan goodies than you can handle (in a good way, of course)!

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4. [CLOSED ] - Detroit Mercantile (Detroit)

Wading in Big Shoes: 8 Places To Find Unique Michigan Gifts In Metro Detroit

[Update: Detroit Mercantile closed in 2019]

Okay, so this store’s basically part of the Eastern Market, but it’s one of my favorites, so I had to mention it! Detroit Mercantile carries high-quality items that are reminiscent of an era when everyday goods were made with exemplary craftsmanship. Find Stormy Kromer hats, leather goods from Detroit Denim, and plenty of housewares, Michigan-made toys, and vintage-style artwork.

5. Art Is In Market (Ann Arbor & Novi)

Would you believe that I’ve visited this store several times over the past four years and have just figured out that “Art Is In Market” sounds like “artisan market”? Yeahhhh . . . way to go, me. The play on words, however, is a perfect descriptor of this collection of local artwork. Find metalwork, paintings, textiles, candles, and plenty of other Michigan-created options that are not only perfect for gifts, but also your own home.

6. Guernsey Farms Dairy (Northville)

You may have tried Guernsey products from your local grocery store or summer ice cream stand, but if you haven’t visited the Guernsey Farms Dairy in Northville, you’re missing out! Guernsey is more than just milk and ice cream: it’s also a family restaurant that serves up broasted chicken and a grocery/gift store where customers can buy Michigan-made sauces, snacks, and more. Fix up a nice food basket for your neighbor or send a package to out-of-town friends—a bundle of Michigan treats is sure to be a hit this season!

7. The Henry Ford Museum & Greenfield Village (Dearborn)

Wading in Big Shoes: 8 Places To Find Unique Michigan Gifts In Metro Detroit
Not only do I love The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village for their exhibits, reenactments, events, and—well, everything else—I also love shopping at the museum and village shops. At The Henry Ford and Greenfield Village, you’ll have front-row access to gorgeous artisan crafts that are made on location (pottery, glassware, and woven goods), Detroit and auto-themed souvenirs, and special products that give a nod to the past (Hobo bread, anyone?).

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8. Zingerman’s (Ann Arbor)

Wading in Big Shoes: 8 Places To Find Unique Michigan Gifts In Metro Detroit
Okay, it's not technically Metro Detroit, but Ann Arbor is so close by, it'd be a shame not to make the short drive! Whether you’re hunting a housewarming gift or need food for a holiday party, Zingerman’s  offers cheese, coffee, chocolate, baked goods—you name it—across its community of businesses. It’s all top-notch and it’s all delicious. Can’t make it to Ann Arbor but still craving fresh vittles? Give Zingerman’s Mail Order a try and have delicious flavors sent to your (or a friend’s) door!

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Where are your favorite places in the Detroit area to find uniquely-Michigan gifts? Comment below and find more ideas in my Ultimate Michigan Gift Guide!


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