Try This: Enfold Reusable Gift Wrap (Eco-Friendly Paper Alternative)

Wading In Big Shoes - Try This: Enfold Reusable Gift Wrap

'Tis the season for gift giving!

Okay, I know the holidays aren't quite here yet, but in our house (and as is always the case in our family), October is birthday season. Jam-packed with people to celebrate, this month is kind of a kick-off to that time of year where we start making lists, decorating, eating cake . . . and it continues throughout Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Despite the impending wallet drain and weight gain, I really love the whole process of picking out presents I know other people will enjoy--that is, until it comes time to wrap everything.

I love pretty paper and packaging as much as (if not more than) any other girl, but I have to admit that wrapping present after present this time of year can get a little exhausting. It always seems to be the last thing I think about, and I often find myself searching aimlessly for a roll of clear tape and a pair of decent scissors (Sidenote: anyone ever "gotten creative" and packaged your family's presents in blankets or random boxes from around the house? Uh, yeah . . . me, neither).

Wading In Big Shoes - Try This: Enfold Reusable Gift Wrap
You guys. There's a solution for people like me us--okay, me--that want the pretty, wrapped look at an "I just threw this in a bag" effort level. It's called enfold reusable gift wrap, and it's made right here in Michigan! Based in Grand Rapids and sewn in Lansing, enfold wraps are made of high-quality fabric and don't require any tape, scissors, or measuring. All you have to do is choose your preferred wrap size (large or medium), insert your gift, fold the fabric like you would any other paper gift wrap, then tie the ends together with the attached ribbon. It's so easy, I was seriously able to wrap a box with no mishaps on my very first try. If, for some reason, you're a horrible present wrapper and still don't think you can manage, there are step-by-step instructions in the box as well as in the video below (also viewable here). Long story short, anyone can use these--and they look awesome!

I absolutely love how I can keep these gift wraps on hand for casual gift-giving (believe me, Brad's as happy as I am to save money, time, and wasted wrapping paper). Anniversary? Check. Birthday, Christmas, or "Here's a new pair of shoes, Jennifer"? Check, check, check. I might even have to take a few of these back to Virginia with me if I can manage to part with them!

Wading In Big Shoes - Try This: Enfold Reusable Gift Wrap

enfold reusable gift wrap - Product Details:
Both of the wraps featured in these photos are the medium-sized wraps, and they're perfect for gifts like books, DVDs, small board games, tablets, and other similarly-sized items. Because the fabric can be tied tighter or more loosely to adjust to your gift's exact size, it's easy to wrap a variety of items with one wrap. Bigger items like Blu-Ray and DVD players and shirt boxes can be accommodated with the large enfold wraps.

Wading In Big Shoes - Try This: Enfold Reusable Gift Wrap

enfold reusable gift wrap - Future Plans:
In addition to selling Michigan-made products, enfold is currently collaborating with an organization in India to make gift wraps from upcycled saris. These wraps will help support the people who sew them--women rescued from human trafficking (this new line is expected to launch within the next month, so keep a look out!).

Wading In Big Shoes - Try This: Enfold Reusable Gift Wrap

Free Shipping (UPDATE: Deal Expired 12/31/15):
Want to try an enfold wrap (or two, or five) of your own? Now through December 31, 2015, enfold is offering FREE SHIPPING to all Wading In Big Shoes readers! Click here to visit their site and enter the coupon code WADINGFREE at checkout to apply your discount. Let me know if you decide to give them a try this holiday season!

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