My Role As A Hootsuite Ambassador + #HootAmb Kit Unboxing

Hootsuite Ambassador #HootAmb Kit

Is there a better rainy day surprise than opening your mailbox to find a package filled with goodies? I recently came home to find this cute, little Owly staring up at me--my first reward for recently becoming a Hootsuite Ambassador! For those of you who don't know, Hootsuite is a social media management tool that helps you schedule posts, manage multiple accounts, analyze performance, shorten links . . . and the list goes on. I love this tool and use it on a daily basis--both for work and for my own social media accounts. Naturally, when I found out that Hootsuite offers an ambassador program to reward brand advocates, I very emphatically said (to myself and to the computer), "Sign me up!"

Hootsuite Ambassador #HootAmb Kit Box
Cute, little (angry) Owly. Flowers not included.

The box was a little worn from its trek from Canada, but the packaging was still visually fun from every angle. Acting like one of those crazy people who has to Instagram everything but their socks (who am I kidding?--I am one of those crazy people and I would totally Instagram my socks), I snapped a few shots on my front porch before I could accidentally mangle the box with my terrible unwrapping skills.

Hootsuite Ambassador #HootAmb Kit Box
Hootsuite Ambassador #HootAmb Kit Box
Hootsuite Ambassador #HootAmb Kit Box

Next up--time to see what's inside! Here's what comes in the typical #HootAmb kit (redeemable for 500 points in the Hootsuite Ambassador Hub):

- Bandana (my actual thoughts: "Well, that's adorable.")

Hootsuite Ambassador Owly Bandana

-Social-themed postcards, pins, bookmark clip, and fun, little notebook (filled with tips, games, places to doodle, etc.)

Hootsuite Ambassador #HootAmb Kit Stickers
Hootsuite Ambassador #HootAmb Kit Notebook

- And various other goodies: business cards, bookmark clip, sticker, and mini poster (see first image of post for the whole kit and kaboodle). 

To earn points (which are redeemable for all kinds of Hootsuite goodies), Hootsuite Ambassadors complete "challenges" such as posting articles, testing and reviewing new features, hosting "Hootup" events, and generally spreading the word about Hootsuite. If you have questions or are interested in signing up yourself, click here, ask me in the comments, or follow me on Twitter here!

Have a great one!

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