House Update: IKEA Hacks And My Inability To Let Go Of Christmas

Wading In Big Shoes-House Update
Around here, we're tearing up the house to make it our own. Okay, Brad is doing most of the cool stuff (building things, cutting holes into walls), but I assist where I can . . . like telling him when picture frames are crooked or level . . . or slapping paint samples onto the wall. Okay, that photo above was actually taken a couple of months ago, but to be fair--we are horrible at choosing paint colors and are still trying to decide between two very similar shades of turquoise. Teal. Green. Whatever that color is. Either way, I'm about to draw a paint chip out of hat because I've resolved to get rid of that hideous pink-tan color once and for all this weekend.

In other news, does anyone else still have their Christmas tree up? Because we got ours late in the season and were traveling during part of that time, I put a ban on throwing it out just yet. It might sound crazy, but the tree adds so much coziness to the living room when we're sitting around, drinking tea that tastes like Big Red gum and watching Downton Abbey on Sunday nights. Oh, did I tell you I'm drinking tea now? Not really, but I did on Sunday because I really just wanted to feel like Lady Rose.
Wading In Big Shoes-House Update
Our tree, still hanging out in the living room.
Got this ornament from my grandparents as a reminder that WE HAVE A HOUSE!Wading In Big Shoes-House Update
Some slightly more permanent decor is going up, too . . . slowly, but surely. Check out this awesome Detroit skyline print Brad got me for Christmas! I've had my eye on it for a couple of years, and now it's hanging on a wall in our sitting room. The colors are perfect, because they basically go with anything in the world. That's great for us, because I tend to think in individual (read: mismatched) pieces, not entire rooms (I'm aware that I need to work on that).Wading In Big Shoes-House Update
Another project that's in the works is a sweet set of "built-in" bookcases that Brad's putting together. It's an IKEA hack that should turn out to be pretty impressive-looking . . . and it won't require the ridiculous price tag that's typical of most built-ins. The photo above shows what the shelves look like right now. A lot still has to happen between now and the finished product, but I will be back with more updates. And no, that eagle is not staying there (unless you like the eagle, then let me know in the comments).

Another project on the agenda: we're collecting coffee sleeves from Michigan coffee shops to display in our kitchen. So far, we have one from MadCap Coffee (Grand Rapids) and a couple from Roasting Plant (Detroit). Next, I'm hoping to make a trip to Great Lakes Coffee. If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Have a great week, everyone!