Growing Up is Hard to Do

When Brad and I started looking for houses (about eight months or so . . . probably longer), I was on board, but not too excited about all the complications I expected to result from our search. Mortgages, taxes, paperwork galore--I knew that the house-buying process just had to be difficult, something akin to taking a test you haven't studied for. Or growing your hair out.

But we looked anyway. And it was fun for a while. We decided what we liked, what we didn't like. We put an offer in on one house and got hairline-close to calling it our own. Inspection time came around, putting a damper on those plans.

Round two: Let's build a house! Surely we can create something that we want, since nothing else exists, obviously.

Strike two.

Unfortunately, big banks sometimes move at their own pace, not at the pace of their customers. Just days after we were supposed to close on our very own piece of property, our plans were quickly snatched from our grasp. No land for us, after all. Lots of time and a few big checks later, we were left holding nothing but stacks of useless signatures and a house floorplan that might never come to fruition.

Frustrating, yes. But not heartbreaking.

It's been a few weeks since we "lost" our last housing plan. I don't feel defeated, though. I know that in time, everything will all work out the way it's supposed to. For now, I'm just enjoying taking a break from the hassle of phone calls, faxes, and appointments. And although we lost something in such an unexpected way, Brad and I didn't sit around and mope these past few weeks. Instead, we got a new car. Heyyyy.

So, do us a favor the next time you say "hi." Instead of sharing your sympathies (although we know you mean the best) for what Brad and I seemingly don't have, just trust me when I say that things are pretty good. We've got great lives and have been blessed with way more than we could ever deserve. Sure, the house hasn't come along on our own schedule, but God's taking care of that one. Probably best, anyway--He's a way better planner than both of us combined. ;)