Tears and Trust

Earlier today, I was having trouble deciding on a new post topic. Would it be a silly story about my inept ability to function as an adult? Some Christmas-at-the-capitol pictures from Lansing? Or maybe some ramblings about themed Pinterest boards (that last one can be interesting, I promise).

And then, of course, I found out about the bad news in Connecticut . . . about an Elementary school in Newtown where several lives were taken earlier this afternoon . . . from faculty and small children alike. A sinking feeling came over me.

And I cried.

I prayed as I questioned why these things keep happening. Safe places--universities, movie theaters--and now, elementary schools. Small children who don't understand the world, or at least, not as much as the rest of us claim to. Innocence attacked and families shattered. Heartbreaking beyond belief.

And I realized that all I can do now is dry my face off and continue to pray and trust that everything will be okay for the people involved. And I hope you all will, too.