Veteran's Day


I think Veteran's Day is one of those holidays that we often forget about. I don't think it's out of disrespect, but with so many "calendar" and "bank" holidays, anything other than Christmas and Thanksgiving often gets pushed to the side.

Yesterday, though, I had the honor of attending a special Veteran's Day service at church, which included story time with a (very sweet and personable) 90-year-old former Marine that fought in World War II. A self-proclaimed "farm boy" from southeast Michigan, this man told his story of leaving home at 22 to join the war, a journey that included a bout of pneumonia, struggles to catch up with his crew after being left behind while hospitalized, and ultimately, being shot in the head during battle on the beaches of Iwo Jima. To hear accounts firsthand from this man was both fascinating and heartwarming, and I left church feeling a strong sense of admiration for him and the other men and women (within and outside of our church) who have served and who continue to serve today.

So, happy Veteran's day weekend to all of you--whether you have engaged in battle, engineered military equipment, served the wounded, raised a flag, or merely served in your own way as a civilian or in some other type of public service. You are appreciated, whether or not you hear anyone express gratitude.

And to evvvveryone--keep on spreading the love! It's not just a bank holiday or three-day weekend, after all. Why not give a soldier a smile today? :)