Delicious Downtowns


I think I must be getting more and more popular, because people keep visiting me.

Yesterday, my grandparents stopped by on their way through Michigan (my grandma used to live here!) and we had a grand, ol' time. After an afternoon in Northville (amazing lunch at Rebecca's and shopping at Pendleton, where my grandparents bought me an adorable tote), we all went out for an evening in downtown Milford. And it didn't take much deliberation to figure out where to eat.

Milford House is one of my favorite places in town, mostly because of its convenient location and perfect menu variety. Pizza, pasta, soup, salad, sandwiches, steak, seafood--it's all there, and it's all good. There was a slight crowd last night, but the restaurant is always busy; fortunately, we were able to snag a table outside on the patio. The scene was a gorgeous, breezy evening with a perfect view of the street, where several classic car owners regularly passed by during our meal for a Thursday evening cruise.

We made some quick friends after singing happy birthday along with the people sitting at the table next to us, but had to turn down the free peach cobbler they offered as a thank-you. I know--no one in their right mind turns down free peach cobbler . . . but we had our sights set on ice cream.

IMG_2166 copy
My grandparents, being all cute and whatnot.
 IMG_2169copy copy    IMG_2170copy 
Brad and I aren't as conservative as our grandparents when it comes to eating ice cream. We don't do any of that sharing stuff. Well, I actually did ask Brad if we could share since I was so full from dinner, but he shot me down. It took me a really long time to eat that ice cream cone. Him, not so much.

I'd actually been to this ice cream stand a couple times before, but never noticed that it was owned by the Milford House restaurant. Even though it's attached to the same building. And has a Milford House sign. Hurrr.
IMG_2175 copy

Grandpa and I didn't get our butter pecan (they were out), but we survived just fine on chocolate and Creme de Novi (a glorified mint chocolate chip). No #firstworldproblems here.

So, as a celebration of Michigan, reaching the weekend, and grandparents everywhere, I hereby declare that you all go get some ice cream . . . on me. Just kidding. But not kidding about the eating ice cream part--that will actually turn you into a super hero. Or at least make for a really happy Friday.