Come On, Let Your Colors Burst

I know the Fourth of July is tomorrow, but that doesn't mean we have to limit ourselves to just one day of fireworks and festivities, right? I say we celebrate all week long. Or all summer long, if we can manage to get away with it.

And so, I hereby declare a jump-start to tomorrow's celebrations with some photos from last Thursday's Wixom fireworks display. Feel free to ooh and ahh as you scroll down. And don't forget to sing like Katy Perry.

IMG_2435 copy
This band was awesome. They even sang "Sweet Caroline"--and everybody knows that no Independence Day celebration is complete without a little Neil Diamond.
IMG_2436 copy
All dem people. Waitin' for fireworks.
IMG_2453 copy
Light-up cowboy hats and glowsticks. I was actually more jealous of a little boy with light-up sneakers. I miss my LA Gears.
IMG_2459 copy
Show time.
IMG_2463 copy

IMG_2516 copy

IMG_2519 copy

IMG_2523 copy

IMG_2528 copy

IMG_2535 copy

Happy Fourth, everyone!