Tim Allen is EVERYWHERE.

He lent his voice to the epic Toy Story franchise, and when he seemingly disappeared into oblivion after Home Improvement, Tim Allen became somewhat of a faded memory--the type that manifests itself in our brains as a bumbling tool man or unconventional Santa Claus. He's had his ups and downs, both in life and with the media, but remains a household name for families of the 90's nonetheless.

So, did you know that Tim Allen is still hanging out on your TV? Besides starring on the recent sitcom, Last Man Standing, Allen has continued doing voice-over work for several well-known brands. Just in case your ears haven't caught on, here's a look at what the TV personality has added to his resume:

Campbell's - "It's Amazing What Soup Can Do"

I'll bet you knew this one. Allen's been on the "It's Amazing What Soup Can Do" trail since Campbell's announced the campaign two years ago, and the message continues to keep going strong. Nothing like having Buzz Lightyear tell your kids (more or less) to eat all their soup, right?

Chevrolet Cruze - "New Kid"

Ah, the Chevy Cruze. The combination of seamless video with Tim Allen's voice is like a bedtime story in this one--quiet, reassuring, relaxing. That's how I feel throughout the commercial, right up until the end when I see all the toilet paper. And that's when I find myself starting the video back at the beginning to figure out what, exactly, I missed.

Pure Michigan - "A Simple Sunrise"

And, of course, I have to mention Allen's role in the Pure Michigan ads. Pure Michigan is the tourism campaign for the state of--can you guess?--Michigan, and is probably the best tourism campaign I've ever seen. Featuring snapshots of communities across the state, Pure Michigan ties its television/radio/outdoor/etc. campaign together with the familiar voice of Tim Allen, a "pure Michigander" himself. In my opinion, this is all kinds of right.

**After-Post/Update**: Tim Allen's narrating the upcoming Disney movie, Chimpanzee, too! Hope you enjoy this bonus clip I scouted out. :)

Disney Nature's Chimpanzee

So cute.

Have you noticed Tim Allen's vocal chords rumbling through your surround sound speakers? Or, are there any other familiar voices out there that have caught your ear? You may be surprised at what you notice once you start paying closer attention. :)