M.I.A.: The Hunger Games Edition

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I am a bandwagon-jumper.

You see, there's this little phenomenon going on right now, and it's known as The Hunger Games. People have read the books, stood in line for the movie, and are going absolutely gaga over the series everywhere you turn. For the past few months, I'd heard murmurings about the story and the giant fan base it had accumulated, but I just reserved the whole thing for the fanatics. After all, didn't we just go through all that Harry Potter and Twilight madness? Come on--a girl can only keep up with so much.

Well, as time went on, my curiosity grew. The movie trailers for the new Hunger Games movie got my attention, and my friends told me right and left via Facebook and Pinterest that I needed to invest my time in reading the books. So, I gave in.

Well, people weren't kidding when they said to reserve a few days from the outside world, because you truly cannot pull yourself away from these things. The first book was my favorite, because there were literally no logical stopping-places to take reading breaks. I found myself at the end of long afternoons and evenings, literally wondering what happened to the day--but wondering more about Target's store hours so I could go buy the second and third books. Even Brad started reading them--which is great, because it's all either one of us really wanted to talk about since last week. Except . . . I finished the last book a few days ago, and he's still reading. So, I've basically lost my husband in his own little world for the next day or two.

As for the movie? It was okay. It's another one of those instances where half the story is omitted due to time constraints, and characters are not exactly the way I envisioned them from the book. Then again, I guess that's always the case with book interpretations--everyone's imagination is different, and I respect that (but I still consider my imagination to be the most accurate ;-) ). I will also say that I am in favor of the book being turned into a mini-series . . . I am definitely not opposed to re-living every last detail through the magic of cinematography.

Who else is obsessed with the Games? Are you new to the arena (har, har), a long-time fan, or trying to stay away from the whole thing? If your answer is the latter, I highly suggest you reconsider. Just make sure you don't have a busy schedule for the next few days, because none of it will end up getting done.

P.S. Has anyone tried out this site yet? I'm headed over there right now to see what it's all about.