Easter Snapshots





Photos, left to right, top to bottom:
1. Pink blooms on Easter morning, 2.  Me and my sister in our Sunday best, 3. Easter basket, 4. Tulip season in Virginia, 5. Note from the Easter bunny, 6. Brad tinkering with an RC truck, 7. Brad's granny enjoying the sunshine, 8. Maggie, playing and being silly, 9. Maggie's football, 10./11./12. Egg Dyeing and Decor

To me, Easter always has been and always will be a family holiday. This year, Brad and I visited our family in Virginia, and had a fantastic weekend composed of 70-degree weather, Titanic in 3-D, and lots and lots of ham. Easter, with all its blooming flowers, egg dyeing, and twirly skirts is something to be shared--but above all, it's a time to celebrate the ultimate gift we've all been given.

At church this Easter Sunday, we saw two baptisms and listened to a sermon and invitation that led to six or seven men and women becoming saved. Scratch that--the sermon may have been a nudge, but what really turned those people to Jesus was prayer. In fact, the pastor told us through tear-filled eyes at the end of the service that several of the lives saved that day were people the church had been praying for for a long time.

That, my friends, is what real miracles look like. And that--not candy or bunnies or three-day weekends--is what Easter is all about.