M.I.A.: Lady of the House Edition

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This week, Brad went driving all over creation for a work trip, so I got to try my hand at holding down the fort by myself. Preparing myself for a lonely week of twiddling my thumbs, I surprisingly emerged from the past few days as a busier-than-usual version of myself. Quick run-down: trivia night with friends on Tuesday, birthday celebration for my friend, Kat, on Wednesday (the reason I made those delicious blue velvet cupcakes you see in the photos above), and a visit from Brad's sister (Jessi) and her husband (Jared) last night. Thank goodness those two showed up a little early, because with all the tornadoes and storm warnings going around, I was getting a little fidgety being by myself.

Of course, there were a few grand solo moments that I pulled off this week, including my famous nail-polish-bottle-dropping-at-the-Target-cash-register incident (see pink fingers above) and my sudden urge to make casseroles and buy sandwiches for one person (no hungry husband in sight), leading to more leftover boxes than will fit into our refrigerator. Luckily, Jessi and Jared are here now and Brad will be back soon . . . so someone can at least help me finish the leftover cupcakes.

A beautiful weekend is outside calling my name. What will you guys be doing the next few days?