Bay City, Bay-bay

Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes
That way. Go that way.
Last weekend, Brad's younger sister, Jessi, and her husband, Jared, drove up from Virginia for their first visit since we moved to Michigan. Jessi and Jared got married last year (shortly after Brad and me), so we're all kind of in that transition phase of young-singles-turned-old-married-people right now. I still can't get over how fast we've all grown up and how we're suddenly in charge of our own lives--but it's nice being able to share aspects of that journey with people who happen to be in the same boat.

On Saturday, we decided to spend the day shopping and gallivanting around Bay City, a place none of us had been to before. We started the afternoon with lunch at Wanigan's, a popular sandwich shop with awesome food and lines out the door. It must have taken a half an hour to get our orders, but the yum factor was well worth the wait.

Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes
Wanigan: "a floating kitchen with supplies and a picnic table to give lumberjacks a place to eat"
Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes
The menu was handwritten on chalkboards that stretched across two walls.
A bit overwhelming for indecisive people like myself, but fun nonetheless.
Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes
My sandwich: "Adam and Eve on a Raft" (Turkey, thuringer, muenster, cheddar, spinach, sprouts, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, Greek dressing, and deliciousness on a French roll. Mmmm.)
With full bellies and a summer-like day waiting for us, we waddled drove to Saginaw Bay for a walk in the sand and water. The recreational area was a little flooded from all the storms that came through the day before, but the warm air and bright skies distracted from all of that. We made our way down to the beach, pulled off our shoes and rolled up our jeans, and let our toes sink into the spongy beach shore.

Brad and Jessi, water-walkin'. Like brother, like sister.
Next up was shopping, and back to the city. We found Bay City Antiques Center (a treasure of a store that's basically an entire block long), Espresso Express (a coffee shop decorated from floor to ceiling with posters and records), and St. Laurent Brothers (a candy and nut shop where we bought various chocolate-covered things). 'Twas a delightful early evening.

Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes

Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes         Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes
Bay City Antiques: Printing blocks, violins, and kitchenware . . .
. . . I'm thinking of doing more home decor shopping in places like this.

Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes
Espresso Express: That's the wall. And the ceiling. Not exaggerating a bit when I say they were completely covered.
Bay City, Michigan | via Wading in Big Shoes
St. Laurent Brothers: Mmmm. But I couldn't spend $15 bucks on some Hershey-covered Lay's.
I got a white chocolate bunny pop instead.
Now that spring (or summer, as it actually seems) is here, I'm really excited to go on more weekend ventures again. Do you guys have upcoming plans yet, or have you already started your spring vacations--in Michigan or elsewhere? Let me know! I am likely to steal the best ideas, but promise to give credit where it is due. :)