Wouldn't it be Loverly?

"There even are places where English completely disappears. In America, they haven't used it for years!" - My Fair Lady
If you've wandered into Northville Square any time recently, you may have noticed this little shop tucked quietly into the mall's sunny corner. Adorned with children's costumes, flowery decor, and lots of fairy tale-inspired love, I always assumed that the boutique was merely a gift shop for little girls. Well, you know what they say about assuming things. During my parents' recent visit to the mitten, we took a little trip to Northville Square, where I followed them as they wandered into this crafty, little haven. Turns out there's way more to this place than meets the eye.

Welcome to Hearts of Inspiration, an adorable, little business that not only sells handmade items and girly goods, but also specializes in children's etiquette classes and party planning. My dad (being the talker that he is) struck up a conversation with store owner, Tracey Wormsbacher, who gladly gave us a tour of her two classrooms. And lemme tell you--as soon as I walked in, I felt myself wishing I was eight years old again.

I only dreamed of places like this when I was a little girl.

IMG_0880copy      IMG_0882copy 

I do believe it's tea time.

In addition to etiquette training and princess-themed tea parties (complete with real china and finger foods), Hearts of Inspiration provides space and party planning for arts and crafts workshops, makeup parties, bridal showers, and baby showers. The business also offers basic French language and culture classes for children during select times throughout the year--now, what could be more princess-y than that?


IMG_0887copy IMG_0893copy
Ah, pour ĂȘtre jeune de nouveau.

So, if you have a little girl, know a little girl, are a little girl, or just really enjoy cute spaces, I  suggest heading over to Northville. And while you're planning, I'll be mentally preparing my own dream fĂȘte, which may or may not include lots of French hor d'oeuvres and light blue accents. Hey--I'm not too old for Breakfast at Tiffany's just yet. Nor do I ever plan to be.