It's really funny how the weather--or at least human interpretation of the weather--works. One evening, you're expecting a few snow flurries to blow through the region, and the next morning, it's all changed to, "A blizzard's a-brewin'!" I've stopped paying much attention to the weather forecast in general, because while it's a great tool to have, you really can never tell what to expect.

So, right now, as I sit down to work for the afternoon, I'm just looking forward to putting marshmallows in my mug of hot chocolate while I watch the snow blow around outside like flower petals in early spring. And rather than get my hopes up over whether or not Metro Detroit will have enough snow by this evening for me to build a proper snowman, I'm going to enjoy how it feels to look outside as if through a gigantic snow globe. And that will be my motivation for the day.

Snow makes the best hot chocolate coaster.
Snow makes the best hot chocolate coaster...when it melts away, all the rings disappear.