Tropical Dreamin'

1:16 PM

Guess where I'm headed this Valentine's Day weekend?


Nope, not there.

That's actually a picture from my honeymoon in Punta Cana. It's where I'd like to be right now, especially since: A.) it's snowing in Michigan (and not even the pretty, fluffy kind of snow) and B.) Kathie Lee and Hoda broadcast their show from the Bahamas this morning, and I watched the whole thing with a twinge of jealousy and a whole lotta longing to re-visit my Caribbean vacation days.

So, although I won't be jumping on a plane and heading to warmer weather anytime soon, I do have a fun weekend ahead, courtesy of my lovely husband. The trip was supposed to be a surprise, but we all know how boys are at keeping secrets.

Where are you going, Jennifer?!

Well, that's a secret for now, but if you really want to know before I post a recap next week, feel free to snoop via my Twitter or Facebook pages. I might just have a few photos and updates along the way.

Can you at least give me a hint? I've gotta know!

I've already mentioned that it's not somewhere warmer. Annnnd, it may or may not be in this actual state. I guess you'll see soon enough. ;-)

But right now, I have to finish some computer work and whip the house into shape before running errands this evening. Hard work yields positive results, right? Wish me luck!

Snowy Weekend

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