Tree Sculptor: Shawn Mulville

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post regarding some unique tree carvings I had seen all around Northville. Totem poles, dogs, bears, you name it--these works of art blended (almost) seamlessly into the suburban landscape.

I asked you all if you had any idea who created these carvings, and you didn't disappoint. Quick feedback on Facebook and this blog directed me towards information about the sculptures and the artist in question. So, who's the man behind the wood-carving magic?

Meet Shawn Mulville. Family man, missionary, tree sculptor. Formerly based in Livonia, Mulville created several sculptures around the metro Detroit area before recently moving to Alaska--and has left quite an impressive portfolio of work around the area. In addition to Northville, Mulville's pieces can be viewed in various areas in Livonia, Farmington Hills, Bloomfield Township, and Sterling Heights. I have not yet visited these locations, but you can bet they're now on my list of places to see when I'm out-and-about.

Mulville salvages old and dying trees, starting with raw material as tall as 25 feet.

Above: Dog, Man, and Bear Totems

For more photos and information on Shawn Mulville and his fabulous tree artwork, you can visit *. In the meantime, I'd like to know if you've seen any of these bad boys around town or if you know of any other cool artwork floating around out there. Who knows--your sightings may help me plan my next excursion!

*Special thanks to Fred Shadko for providing information on the whereabouts of these pieces. And another special thanks to my mom, who likes to contact town organizations to help her daughter find answers to ever-evolving questions.

**The blue heron sculpture featured in my previous post, "Have You Seen This Tree's Owner?" was created by Scott Kuefler at Carvings by Scott. More of his artwork can be viewed at