Lexington, Michigan - Beach Town Charm By Lake Huron



Just like your assorted Springfields and Montgomerys, Lexington is one of those town/city names that just happens to turn up in so many different states. Yesterday, we took an early evening trip to Michigan's version of Lexington, which happens to be an adorable, old, little town just behind the shoreline of Lake Huron.

We walked around town for a little while, browsing country stores and fudge shops just before closing time (luckily, Daylight Savings Time allowed us an extra hour just when we thought everyone was about to pack up). Then, as the evening neared six, we made our way towards the water. I still can't get over how huge Lake Huron was--I felt like we were walking alongside the ocean.

First close-up view of the ocean--errr--lake.
Brad wandered out onto one of the docks. They looked really cool, but . . .
. . . They were really narrow (and I tend to be a 'fraidy cat). I walked slowly.
Oooh. Ahhh.
He was fishing. He was also very far away, but we were sneaky and used our mega-zoom camera lens. Paparazzi-style.
Skipping 'cause I'm happy
Beautiful evening. Kind of cold, but I was comfortable with my coat (poor Brad shivered the whole time we were outside). And even cooler (har, har), we were able to see yet another patch of land (and water) that painted a landscape unlike anything we'd ever seen before. That, and Brad took me out for a rib dinner and to TJ Maxx on the way home.

I can't wait to see what else is out there.