I'm not normally one for scary/creepy/gross things, but I love Halloween. I kind of have to--besides being a day for festivities, candy, and scaring the pants off of people, it also happens to be my birthday.

For this particular Halloween/birthday, we went back home for another visit (shocking!) to Virginia. The weekend revolved around the haunted house my parents put on (another successful effort to raise money for the Moose Lodge), so I spent the greater portion of a couple of days cackling and trying to creep people out as an effort to help the short-staffed crew.

Two nights of creepy makeup. Brad was kind enough to point out that my makeup the second night wasn't as good as the first night. That's because I did it myself (Carolyn made me all "purty" the first time around).

Speaking of Carolyn--she dressed up as the famous Mabel (a.k.a., same old woman character she's been the last three years). I love my sister so much.

By the way, this is what my actual costume looked like. You know, the one I chose. Not intended as Haunted House garb.

'Twas a sailor. Not the worst results, but not the Pan Am-style flight attendant I had originally planned on.
Next year, though. And Brad will coordinate.
Unfortunately, I only got to wear this costume to lunch and for a few photos before it was time to go haunt it up. At least it got a little bit of use, though. Maybe there's a female sailor somewhere in need of a uniform. Or a wannabe Raggedy Ann doll.

What did you guys do for Halloween? Do you like to scare yourself silly, or are you more of a hide-from-the-trick-or-treaters kind of person?