Short post, brought to you courtesy of my head cold.

Virginia, how I missed you.

It's been a whirlwind of week.

Brad and I took a weekend trip home to visit our families in Virginia--an awesome few days that left us happy, yet exhausted. I also brought home a souvenir cold that has left me wanting nothing but soup, ice cream, and blankets--but all in all, it's been a great week all the same. Photos and more stories to come at a later time when I'm feeling a bit more up to combating Blogger's (slightly lacking) upload speeds.

In the meantime, it's napping and TV-watching until I no longer feel as though recuperation is a productive use of my time. That's the good thing about being sick (lying around), along with the fact that DayQuil doesn't taste quite as bad when you can't breathe through your nose.

I keep finding mistakes in this post and I'm having quite a time coming up with more to say, so I think that's my cue to go rest some more. I promise I'll be back when I'm more coherent.

Happy Wednesday, everyone. :)