Fulfilling Frugality


My name is Jennifer, and I like to shop.

I wouldn't say it's a problem, really, and maybe you've heard that line before--but shopping really is somewhat of a hobby for me. I have good days and bad days like anyone else, and whether I need to entertain myself or blow off some steam, shopping is something that's always there. Luckily, I have this little built-in device called guilt, so I usually know when to stop. Looking for new stuff isn't fun if you have to wake up to an empty bank account the next morning.

The trick to making every trip worth it is finding: A. an awesome deal, or B. something unique (finding both in one purchase is just the icing on the cake). I tend to get ridiculously excited about sales, and hardly ever buy anything full-price. Lately, however, I've raised the bar for what I pick out...just because it's cheap, doesn't mean it's a good deal. Likewise, I'm willing to pay a tad more for something that I can't stop thinking about even if I leave the store and have to come back for it later.

After a weekend of outlet malls, eating out, and other random activities, I wasn't exactly in the mood to go blow a bunch of money today. I did, however, need to get out of the house and stretch my legs for a bit, so I hauled myself back over to Northville, and visited their weekly farmer's market (you can find a farmer's market on any given day of the week around here). I went in strictly for business, passing up the baked goods and sunflowers to look for vegetables that I could actually use for dinner. I think it helped that it was cold and rainy, so I didn't do my usual lingering. In the end, I got a bunch of lovely potatoes and green beans that I'm going to try to whip into some sort of dinner as soon as I can figure out the best way to do it. Five bucks to feed two people for at least two nights sounds pretty reasonable to me.


Afterwards, it was still early, so I headed towards the Novi shopping area just to walk around for a while. Borders, as you've probably heard, is closing all of its stores--so, while it's bad for the chain, it's good for people like me who like a bargain. I spent over an hour browsing, 47 of those minutes actually being time I spent talking on the phone with my parents. In the end, I got four books, some of which I had, for a while, considered ordering from Amazon (Borders was way cheaper, and I didn't have to wait three to five business days for my stuff to ship out). I also threw in a Mark Twain book for my sister, who loves to quote snarky, turn-of-the-century insults from time to time. Sign me up for eighty-percent-off any day.

So, I'm off to perform some experimental kitchen ventures now. Good thing I already have leftover dessert from last night (which turned out much better than expected, considering the fact that I used less than half the amount of apples I was supposed to).

Danish Apple Pastry Bars (a big pan of glazed apple pie)

P.S. After-Dinner Update: