Michigan is Car Crazy

Okay, so this is probably a given, but Michigan is basically the car capital of the United States. Big-name industries reside here, including Ford and GM, and as a result, the automobile is king.

This past weekend, we took advantage of the local nostalgia and visited the Woodward Dream Cruise. Basically, the WDC is a day-long (or week-long, if you count the unofficial days) event where people from all over line the sidewalks of Woodward Avenue to watch other people from all over drive their fancy cars (mostly vintage) up and down the road. People ooh, people ahh, and lots of coneys are consumed. More on that in just a sec.


As part of our visit to Woodward, Brad had planned to take me to my first Coney Island restaurant. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Coney Islands, they are a large smattering of diner-type restaurants whose house specialties are usually--you guessed it--coneys. 

The first Coney Island we visited had car displays and a concert packed into its parking lot--but when we got to the door, there was a bouncer telling us that it was closed for a private event. Darn. Not to worry--we just walked back a block and found another Coney Island. It was more of a little hole in the wall, though...not with all the bells and whistles of this beauty:

Brad was annoyed that the first building turned us away and vowed never to come back. I'm sure they'll miss us.

Now, I'm familiar with coneys, particularly in the form of my favorite Sonic food, but back where I'm from, we just call them chili dogs. Regardless, I wanted to know what, exactly, came on the coneys. I mean, each restaurant could add its own personalization, right?

This is how the conversation between the waitress and I went:

Me: What comes on the coneys?
Waitress: *Stares at me like I just walked off a spaceship* "Oh, that's right...you're not from around here. The coneys come with mustard, chili, and onions. They're really good. Can I go ahead and put you down for two?
Me: "Are they just regular-sized hot dogs?"
Waitress: "Yeah, they're regular sized. I'm gonna go ahead and put you down for two.
Me: "Okay, I'd like two with no onions, please."
Waitress: *Puts her hand on her hip and turns to Brad with her mouth agape*
Brad: "She doesn't like onions..."
Me: "I don't like raw onions..."
Waitress: *Caving, although she blatantly is not happy with my decision* "Okay, no onions." *Looks at Brad* "Do you want onions on yours?"

Of course Brad wants onions. Brad is strongly against ever ordering anything in a way other than how it comes.

Brad: "Yeah."

*Brad proceeds to order chili fries, which we had agreed upon, but the waitress pushes us to get them with cheese. I mean, of course you wouldn't want to make your own choice from a menu of pre-listed options...that would be absurd.*

Apparently, there is a soda culture up here, too. The waitress came back a few minutes later with a cup of something that looked like ginger ale, but tasted like a sweet soda with no distinct flavor (not Sprite or Coke or ginger). Vernor's. "A little taste of Michigan."

The waitress also brought us a bowl of onions to go with our fries and my coney, just in case I changed my mind. But she lost a little more hope for us when she asked Brad if he had eaten them on his fries and he said no.

The waitress then swiped Brad's phone to snap a photo of us eating our "first" coneys, but it ended up really dark and we look really stupid in it, so I'll spare you that one.

All in all, we had a pretty good time (even if you're like me and not into cars) and the event seemed like a nice, local tradition that I'm sure we'll take part in from here on out. Although, if you decide to go and see a little blonde boy running around in circles, don't say I didn't warn you--he will stand next to you and scream.

P.S. (This is just a bonus, and not even part of the Dream Cruise...we actually saw it in regular traffic on our way to the event.) Enjoy. :)