West Michigan Weekend Part V: Eldean Shipyard

5:00 AM

Eldean Shipyard & Marina - Lake Macatawa, Michigan
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I believe that the Eldean Shipyard in Macatawa was created specifically for people who love to daydream and watch sunsets. Okay--it's actually a lovely marina and resort designed to accommodate yacht owners, but for people like me (who can only dream what it would be like to hang out on a yacht), it's a great representation of how beautiful (and nautical!) Michigan is during the summer.

Eldean Shipyard & Marina - Lake Macatawa, Michigan

Just a few miles from Holland, the Eldean Shipyard is nestled where Lake Michigan meets Lake Macatawa. The marina boasts an exclusive location, grandiose homes, and breathtaking skies--all of which Brad and I enjoyed photographing while strolling the docks.

Eldean Shipyard & Marina - Lake Macatawa, Michigan
Eldean Shipyard & Marina - Lake Macatawa, Michigan

We may not be "yacht people" ourselves, but I think letting our imaginations run wild is almost just as fun. What do you think?

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