Instant Stress Reliever: Kensington Farm Center Animals

9:04 PM

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Real life is crazy. You know you're busy when pizza becomes a dinner staple, when you think you must be forgetting something if you have nothing planned on a Saturday, and when you have dreams about your to-do lists that are way more realistic than you'd care for them to be. It's tiring and a little stressful, but you just have to deal with it sometimes and think of something happy. And that's where cute animals come into play.

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Okay, that's not an animal, it's Brad. But he is part of this story.

You may have read recently about our trip to Kensington Metropark for the "Maple's Sweet Story" event. We enjoyed an afternoon learning about how maple syrup is made, but just as fun was the time spent afterwards in Kensington's Farm Center. Now, I know that Michigan's Metroparks are great for bike riding and long walks in the summer, but now I also know that I can make a trip to see some adorable [stinky], furry creatures all year-round. And in an effort to help you start off the week in the best way possible, I've brought to you some pictures of happy animals. Enjoy.

Winner of the fluffy award (not a real award):

 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_8_zpscd726c3c.jpg
Bah Ram Ewwwwe
These little lambs . . .  just three days old. (*Squee*):

 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_7_zps37283d50.jpg
 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_51_zpsd8348138.jpg
 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_6_zpsf8d71c94.jpg
"Look, Ma . . . I'm standin'!"

Piggy Pals. :)

 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_9_zps630df4db.jpg photo Kensington-Farm-Center_10_zps4064afc2.jpg
 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_4_zps64eb19e5.jpg
That tongue, though. Snort, snort.

Maybe he'll grow up to look like this fella:

 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_11_zpsd8de4868.jpg
I wonder what he's dreaming about. What a life, man.
And these goats. The one on the right's name is Jenny . . . and she became fast friends with Brad.

 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_13_zps8ce7f108.jpg
 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_14_zps7e0c54ae.jpg

I guess he's got a thing for girls named Jenny.

And this lady. She was not very happy. But she did flat-out "MOO" for us, so we were entertained.

 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_3_zpsa7e21c18.jpg

But really . . . this guy. So shiny, so pretty out there in that snow.

 photo Kensington-Farm-Center_16_zpse83deafd.jpg photo Kensington-Farm-Center_15_zps76752109.jpg

I think brunette Mr. Ed just made my day.

New posts [from Detroit] coming soon! You guys have a wonderful start to your week. :)

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