Goodnight, Detroit

10:33 PM

 photo DetroitAtNight2_zpsbdf4753b.jpg

I took these photos the other night when Brad and I drove through downtown Detroit. Snapped through a dirty windshield, out the passenger window, and from a sidewalk or two, they're not perfect, but I love how they capture the beauty of city lights.

 photo Detroit-At-Night-3_zps7416724b.jpg
 photo Detroit-At-Night-4_zpscf97698c.jpg
 photo Detroit-At-Night-5_zps595a02fb.jpg
 photo Detroit-At-Night-6_zpsdca013bd.jpg
 photo Detroit-At-Night-8_zps91c7ba28.jpg
 photo Detroit-At-Night-9_zps7d8b3b07.jpg

There's something about the quietness of this city that's both peculiar and fascinating. Like it's about to burst with newness, but it's just not quite ready for a wave of attention. I guess it's kind of like a little secret. 

Detroit, Michigan: City of possibilities, of renaissance, of secrets. Just waiting for its chance to return to the limelight.

 photo DetroitAtNight1_zpsc6072135.jpg

It's just a matter of time.

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