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Let it go, let it gooooo . . . I am one with the wind and skyyy . . . 

Nope, just kidding. Not that kind of Frozen, although everyone and their grandmothers (and the overhead radio at the mall) seem to be talking about Disney's version this weekend. I can neither confirm nor deny that I've seen the movie three times (most recently, yesterday), but that's a story for another post.

Although the spring thaw finally began this past week, it's pretty apparent that we're going to have plenty of snowy remnants left for a few months. After all, we haven't quite ditched the winter coats yet, and just a week ago, this happened:

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That's Brad walking on top of a frozen lake. For whatever reason, he's always dreamed of doing this, despite my completely rational fears of falling through and instantly freezing. I still haven't developed the desire to "walk on water," but when we had a blast of freezing temperatures again last weekend, I knew it may be the last/best time for Brad to try it (it ain't gonna get much more frozen than it is now). So I let him. And he walked out, and I took pictures, and there's even a video where all you can see is him jumping on the ice, daring it to let him fall through. And all you can hear is me yelling at him to come back to the shore and how I can't see anything because the wind is blowing my hair in my face. I will not be posting this video.

 photo Frozen-Lake-2014_3_zps252a3841.jpg
On our walk back to the car (I did not follow Brad's request to "bring the car over" to him on the lake), we met a very sweet puppy friend. You can probably tell from these photos that she and Brad are now buddies.
 photo Frozen-Lake-2014_4_zpsfeefd14c.jpg
Hello. I am Dog.
 photo Frozen-Lake-2014_5_zps7beebc46.jpg
Slurrrrrrrp. Yeah, that's the stuff.
How many of you are unlike me and have no fear of turning into a popsicle? Have you walked on a frozen lake, or better yet--ice fished, snowmobiled, held a tractor pull, whatever? Maybe you can talk me into ice skating . . . or at least tip-toeing . . . out onto the ice next year. Or maybe I'll just stay inside and listen to Idina belt out some more tunes.

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