Valentine's Day the Candy Crush Way

11:10 PM

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So after waiting forevvvvver to post these photos (thanks, snow, for delaying mail delivery), I can now show you a few of my Valentine's Day projects! I sent these cards out last week to my parents and sister, but if I had a few more hours in each day, I would have shipped some to everyone I know. They're nothing fancy, but they were fun and simple to make. Plus, I personally feel that handmade anything makes gift-giving and mail exchange more exciting.

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Because I've pledged to get back into scrapbooking, I've made a lot of recent trips to Michael's, Jo-Ann Fabrics, and the like. I've made a lot of particularly good finds at Archiver's, which (sadly) went out of business last week. Bad for future shopping plans, but great for stocking up on stickers and an awesome, heart-shaped paper punch.
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Because my sister's not into the whole Candy Crush scene, I went with something a little more up her alley--a non-traditional Valentine starring Charlie Chaplin. Some pink and red tissue paper was used, yes . . . but it was all balanced out with a less-sweet stare from the silent movie master. I actually don't know if the USPS ever got this to her, so I'm just going to assume that she loves it and will see it before she reads this post. Heyyy, Carolyn. Call me.
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For my co-workers: a batch of Valentine's brownies. With sparkly gel hearts, of course.

What did you do for Valentine's Day? Was this holiday a DIY-er, or were you content to skip the work and go with convenience this year?

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