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Once upon a time (about three weeks ago), we were stuck in a swirling, winter abyss otherwise known as January. The days were dark, the snow was plentiful, and Brad had a beard. After holing up in our home for what seemed like forever since the new year began, Brad and I decided that we were tired of TV and ventured out into the world for a more exciting Saturday night. And on a cold, winter night in Michigan, that means good eatin'.

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We traveled on a whim to downtown Plymouth, and spent probably 20 minutes driving around to scout out places to eat (I knew that if we explored on foot, we'd get cold and grumpy and settle on the first place we saw). Not in the mood for Italian or burgers, we decided on Box Bar. Not too expensive (according to Urban Spoon), not too fancy (my winter wardrobe focuses a lot more on warmth than aesthetics), and not too crowded (although, what was crowded on that cold night?). Inside, we found a few families dining in the back room, hanging out as they likely do every weekend. Comfortable and laid-back . . . perfect. 

Following the waitress' suggestion, I ordered meatloaf from the featured items menu, while Brad went for an order of wings and a side of brisket chili. My food: amazing. Brad's food: okay. While I found myself straining against gobbling down my entire meal, my husband seemed to be a little less-than-impressed by the decent, but not extraordinary fare in front of him. Although, judging by his T-Rex impersonation in the picture above, you might not guess that was the case.

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Of course, no good meal is complete without dessert. On our way to dinner, Brad and I had noticed a cute, little cupcake shop . . . so, naturally, we had to go back and try it out.

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The place was called The Cupcake Station (account of our visit to the Ann Arbor equivalent here), and although we stopped by late in the evening, there were still quite a few scrumptious goodies for us to pick from. The hardest part, though, was resisting my urge to pick anything based on cuteness (my apologies to the girl behind the counter for being so indecisive). Sorry, pretty-colored things . . . I came for chocolate.

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We sat in that adorable, Valentine's Day-themed shop, eating chocolate and carrot cake cupcakes like we owned the place. I don't know who invented bakeries and sweet shops in the first place, but good sir/madam, you sure have added a lot of happiness to my life.

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What's your favorite place to go for a late-night bite or sweet snack? 

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