Hello, Hockey.

10:54 PM

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Well, guys--it's my third winter here in the Mitten, and I finally made it to a Redwings Red Wings game. And I finally figured out that "Red Wings" is two words, not one.

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Zambonis! Circling the ice in delicate, dance-like formation.
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Did you know that you can get coffee AND donuts at the concessions in Joe Louis Arena? I mean, that's just brilliant.
So, not to brag or anything, but I basically saw all there was to see in a hockey game during my visit to Joe Louis. A broken hockey stick, a couple of fights, an overtime shootout . . . annnnd a marriage proposal.

 photo Detroit-Redwings-2_zpsba65cc56.jpg
 photo Detroit-Redwings-12_zpsd0957038.jpg
Blurry, semi-sneaky iPhone photo.
This girl was happy, and her fiance got a lot of high-fives from other guys in the crowd.
Side note: I am glad that my marriage proposal did not take place at a hockey game.
The Red Wings beat the Capitals 4-3 that night in overtime, and my, oh my--can a crowd of hockey fans roar when they're excited. As soon as Patrick Eaves scored, you would have thought everyone in the room had just won a million dollars. Very exciting. And somewhat surprising for someone (me) still learning the ropes of what to expect at a hockey game.

Afterward, what better way to end the evening than a quick view of the Detroit River? I've got your answer--the Detroit River when it's FROZEN. It's an amazing sight, that's for sure. I kind of wish I could be a cartoon penguin for a minute just so I could hop from one piece of ice to the next.

 photo Detroit-Redwings-6_zps06c89d21.jpg
Hey, Canada. Hey.
 photo Detroit-Redwings-4_zps088981e5.jpg
Me. Brad. Canada.
Any hockey fans out there? What's your favorite team? I'd also like to know if you've run across a concession stand option that even comes close to beating donuts (thank you, Tim Hortons).

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