Scrapbook Saturday: My Venture Into Project Life

2:27 PM

 photo Project-Life-2014_1_zpsd75d591e.jpg

The weather is gross.

I'm convinced that this January has actually lasted for about 90-something days so far. Snow kind of loses its appeal once you realize that it's not all about sitting inside, watching the flakes fall as you sip hot cocoa. In reality, it's cold, it's gray, and you have to drive everywhere in the stuff no matter how bad it is. And no, those places do not include the ski resort or a sledding hill. Society's gotta move forward, people. They don't close down businesses everyday in Michigan just because it's easier to stay inside.

So, to counter the obvious grump fest I've been having for myself, I decided to find some new ways I could enjoy my time indoors while waiting for the distant spring thaw. And with those ideas, I channeled my teenage self and remembered that once upon a time, I used to love scrapbooking.

Now, many of you know how time-intensive scrapbooking can be. It's messy, it's involved, and it will consume your life for as long as you allow it. It's pretty daunting, to say the least, but I recently discovered a new method called Project Life, a wonderful idea that takes the novelty of scrapbooking and condenses it down to a simpler album-building method. The idea is pretty straightforward: all you need is a three-ring album, some clear pocket pages, a set of Project Life cards (or similar brand--there are some great copycats out there), and your photos. No glue or stickers needed, unless you want to make something a little fancier than what comes in the typical pre-made kits. But the whole idea is to focus on easy, so why not stick with that?

 photo Project-Life-2014_2_zpsf27e6184.jpg
Project Life binder - I've been playing around with the cards a bit before deciding on a layout.
 photo Project-Life-2014_3_zpsfef58b6f.jpg
A look inside the Project Life Core Kit (Kraft Design)
 photo Project-Life-2014_4_zpsbb9a5d81.jpg
A few extras I got on sale at Michael's and Jo-ann Fabrics while I was out (okay,
so maybe I'll have to embellish my pages just a little bit).
I'm really hoping this new project will be an easy one for me to keep up with . . . and good practice for when I finally sit down to make a more intricate wedding album. The hardest part will definitely be deciding on which photos to use (I have so many) and not going overboard ("maybe if I just crop this one . . . and add a border . . . and some glitter . . . and a three-dimensional header . . . "). Help me out, guys . . . I may need it!

Have any of you checked out Project Life (or scrapbooking in general)? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks for staying focused and keeping it simple, but fun!

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