A Walk Through Pandora - Exploring Avatar: the Exhibition

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Ever found yourself inside of a movie?

Okay, me neither.

BUT--a visit to Avatar: The Exhibition (currently at The Henry Ford) comes pretty close. I got the chance to stop by a few weeks ago for a walk through Pandora, getting a behind-the-scenes look at movie props and interactive displays that created a world similar to the motion picture. 

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Brad, figuring out this interactive screen--the little floaty-critters gravitate towards your shadow.
 photo Avatar-Henry-Ford-2013_4_zpse854c992.jpg photo Avatar-Henry-Ford-2013_5_zpsba87296d.jpg
 photo Avatar-Henry-Ford-2013_55_zpse874882e.jpg
Life-like busts that served as character inspiration for the film makers
 photo AvatarHenryFord2013_2_zps416d74f4.jpg
This is what I'd look like wearing a life-size Avatar's boots.
I now realize how lucky I am to NOT have gigantic feet.
While wandering around, I found Brad and my parents (who were in town for a few days) huddling around a table . . . doing something more interesting than hanging out with me. Okay, let's go see what they're up to.

 photo Avatar-Henry-Ford-2013_6_zps8b23d276.jpg
 photo Avatar-Henry-Ford-2013_7_zps705481b9.jpg

They were playing a game on this giant touch-screen, where everyone has a fish that eats other fish. You control the movement of your fish, when it lights up (to attract smaller fish), and when to turn off your light (to avoid bigger fish). I think that's right. I don't know--my fish lost, so I'm probably not the best person to explain all of this.

 photo Avatar-Henry-Ford-2013_8_zps97f264e3.jpg

The coolest part of the exhibit was probably seeing how Avatar actors were filmed and transformed into computer-animated characters. And guess what? I got to be one of those characters! Check it ouuuut . . .

 photo Avatar-Henry-Ford-2013_10_zps26882d5e.jpg
That's me. I'm in a [pretend] movie.
Inside this little stage area, a video of James Cameron popped up on a TV screen, letting me know he'd be my director that afternoon. Hey, Jim, nice to meet ya. A real person also stood nearby to tell me how to follow the lights on the floor (I guess even Jim Cam needs a little help now and then), but I considered myself to be a big-time actress all the same. Hey, nobody can make an eight- (ten?) foot Na'vi move gracefully through a sparkly forest quite like me.

 photo Avatar-Henry-Ford-2013_9_zps1d0fa187.jpg
Warming up with a robot dance. The final video was supposed to be emailed to me, but alas--it never reached my inbox.

Keep an eye out--I'm coming soon to a theater near you.

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