Oh, (Non) Laborious Day

11:38 PM

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Labor Day weekend this year was another weekend spent at home in Virginia with family. A weekend of colors, sunny weather and sudden rain storms, lots of hustle and bustle, and too much good food. Another weekend to remind us where we come from and why we'll never stop loving our native turf.

[Above, clockwise from top left: Road trip = feet on the dash; Goodies from Coon's Candy in Ohio; Carolyn makes herself at home (in the mud) by the river; Brad and his granny hang out with a really big rabbit]

[Below, clockwise from top left: A feast of champions for the first weekend of college football; The perfect place to laze away a Sunday; Charleston rain that followed us to Ohio; An overexcited attempt to document "cheap" gas]

 photo foodnfootball_zps9e3bb470.jpg  photo IMG_5428_zps5618c83e.jpg
 photo IMG_5435_zps7ecd7226.jpg  photo IMG_5446_zps66fe429f.jpg

Can we have three-day weekends every week? I've got adventure on the brain and an itch to fly away.

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