Awesome Mitten Guest Post: Michigan Family History

12:26 AM

 photo LovelandFarmcopy_zps851e89f2.jpg
The Loveland farm, owned by my grandmother's grandparents.

These last couple of weeks have been filled with research and tons of insight into my family's history--specifically, my Michigan-raised ancestors. That's right: I have roots in the mitten. Surprise!

Recently, I took a trip to Palmyra (my grandmother's home town) and did some first-hand research on the place so many of my family members remember fondly. Want to know more? Click here to read my latest post, now on The Awesome Mitten!

As a bonus, I've included a small photo collection (below) of family members from years past. Enjoy!

 photo frankwl_zps57bd7c02.jpg
Above: My grandmother's great-uncle, Frank Ward Loveland (c. early 1900's)

 photo IdaMaeJohnsonLoveland1903Photocopy_zps4a741802.jpg       photo nancyjane_zpsa2b0c74c.jpg
Left: Ida Mae Johnson Loveland, c. 1903 (Frank Ward Loveland's wife)
Right: Nancy Jane Gilette Johnson, c. 1879 or 1880 (Ida Mae's mother)

 photo ggpacar_zps9a36f2b3.jpg photo ggmacar_zpsda76f7f0.jpg
Above: My favorite photos of the bunch: my great-grandparents pose on the back of an old automobile

 photo 1929_zps8062e6a1.jpg photo mikeampggpatractor_zpsd7135c18.jpg
Left: My great-grandparents after they were married, c. 1929-ish
Right: My uncle, Mike, riding on a tractor driven by his grandfather (my great-grandfather) c. 1960

Have you experienced any adventures in learning about your own family tree?  Let me know in the comments--I'd love to hear your stories!

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