All the Motors You Can Muster

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If I had absolutely no obligations in life, I think I'd spend a day every weekend at Greenfield Village. Of course, I've visited most of the historic homes and ridden in an old Model-T, but the park itself is fantastic for an afternoon picnic or just wandering around. Lucky for Brad, however, our Saturday visit to Greenfield Village happened to align with the annual Motor Muster event. Old cars on old-timey turf? Okay, I'll take that compromise.

 photo MotorMusterGreenfieldVillage2013_2_zps514e244e.jpg
A Motor Muster car aficionado presents old gems to the onlooking crowd. 
The fields inside Greenfield Village were covered with antique cars (probably 75 percent of them old Mustangs), while people strolled up and down the streets, enjoying the warm afternoon. Best of all, the shops and houses (as well as some indoor plays and musicals) within the village remained open during the event, so there were plenty of ways to help break up the car overload. ;)

 photo MotorMusterGreenfieldVillage2013_4_zpsaca59418.jpg
A quartet sings outside one of Greenfield Village's historic shops.
 photo MotorMusterGreenfieldVillage2013_6_zps4cdd3336.jpg
Hood on an old Cadillac
 photo MotorMusterGreenfieldVillage2013_7_zps44f62fcd.jpg
I can't help but get the feeling that something's watching me.
 photo MotorMusterGreenfieldVillage2013_11_zpse332f9d2.jpg
Stop making me smile, Jenny.
 photo MotorMusterGreenfieldVillage2013_10_zps3f70c913.jpg
One of the best parts of the day? Probably the frozen custard that we waited 20 minutes in line to sample. Seriously--if you go to Greenfield Village this summer, find the frozen custard stand. It's one of the reasons you'll want to go back every weekend. That, and the costumes worn by village actors/employees. Maybe I'll don some 1940's attire next time I visit . . . you know, just to shake things up.

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What's your favorite place to visit during the summer?

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