Brand of the Moment: Threshold by Target

12:05 PM

 photo TargetThresholdPrintAdPhoto2copy_zps4f29d77f.jpg

Lately, I've been loving the look of Target's new home brand, Threshold. It seems that everywhere I turn these days--the inside cover of a magazine, a web video, or a TV spot--there's that familiar pop of spring and color. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, here's a look at the amazing fold-out ad as featured in this month's Real Simple magazine:

 photo ThresholdTargetPrintAd2013-1_zps3fdce9a9.jpg
The first two pages of the ad open outward from the middle on both sides (see the crease down the center where the two pages meet?). The effect is as if the reader is opening the front door of the house to reveal what's inside.
 photo ThresholdTargetPrintAd2013-2_zpsbcacfc3f.jpg
Above and below: The first and last two pages of a four-page, connected fold-out.
 photo ThresholdTargetPrintAd2013-3_zps5ea1e2bd.jpg

 photo ThresholdTargetPrintAd2013-4_zps52f9b5e5.jpg
A beautiful afterthought:
Closing the fold-out leaves the reader with two pages to linger on before leading into the magazine.

Of course, when Target's most recent Threshold commercial popped up on my TV the other day, I immediately knew what it was for. I have to admit that I've been a little slow to pin down Target ads since JC Penney's rebranding initiative last year put the two companies into very similar visual categories, but the compilation below carries over seamlessly from the print version.

Ourrrrr house . . . is a very, very, very fine house . . .

I actually realized the other day that one of my throw pillows (and possibly my bedroom comforter) are Threshold brand, and I've been mentally debating over whether or not to get a Threshold rug I saw in the store a few weeks ago. I knew Target's stuff was getting prettier . . . somehow. I didn't think such a wonderful thing was possible.

What do you think of the new Threshold brand? Does it set Target further apart from the competition, or is it just one more store line to you?

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