Snow Day

10:26 AM

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Living in Michigan in the winter is like living inside of a snow globe. On days like today, the whole world looks like it has been given a little shake, and we look out our windows and watch fluffy, white flakes swirl in circles around us. When it's over, the trees look like they're covered in powdered sugar and everything else is glazed in ice. It's not much for picnic weather, but it's something special to gaze at, that's for sure.

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The past week or two have been one snow day after the next, and while it's somewhat of a hindrance to get anywhere (the roads are all a big Slip 'n Slide), I can't help but feel like I'm eight years old again and wishing for more.

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If you're lucky enough to have the perfect amount of snow where you are, go outside and play. You can always fix some soup when it's time to go back inside.


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