Primary Colors and Plastic Towers

3:26 PM

 photo 2LegoArchitectureToweringAmbition_zps4ec75332.jpg

Brad and I had been wanting to visit the LEGO Architecture: Towering Ambition exhibit at The Henry Ford ever since it opened in November, but leave it to us to wait until February to go (on the last afternoon the exhibit was open, mind you). The upside of visiting the exhibit so late in the game, however, meant small crowds on a quiet afternoon. That, to me, has the makings of a relaxing trip.

 photo 1LegoQuoteWitoldAybcynski_zpsbdc24d67.jpg

Towering Ambition boasted a display of intricate LEGO buildings, all replicas of structures from across the United States (and a few from overseas). I can't imagine the amount of time that it would take to build a similar structure of my own, even if I was a LEGO mastermind, but surprisingly, most of the toy towers were architecturally adapted and created within a matter of days.

 photo 3LegoDubai_zps116a27b5.jpg
A LEGO replica of Dubai's Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building (you can watch the assembly here).

 photo 4LegoFordField_zpsc9ae9a9e.jpg
Ford Field (one of my favorites).

 photo 5LegoEmpireStateBuilding_zps0be896ad.jpg      photo 51LegoWTC_zps9f97b3f6.jpg
Tributes to NYC (Left: The Empire State Building; Right: 2 World Trade Center)

 photo 7legochicago_zps82b5a192.jpg
The Chicago Skyline

 photo 81legochicagowhitebuildings_zps35683152.jpg      photo 9legochicagosideview_zpsbc1a9c76.jpg

 photo 8legochicagoparkingstructures_zpsb168bc2b.jpg

Just outside the exhibit was a play area for kids to build their own LEGO creations. I kind of wanted to get in on the fun, but decided to leave the germs to the kids and just take pictures. Plus, I didn't want to make anyone feel bad--nobody can construct a multi-color box quite like me. Except for maybe every other kid in this room.

 photo 10legokidsexhibit_zps58086cd5.jpg
Craftsmanship. Sometimes, I wish the whole world was made up of these colors.
 photo 11legokidsexhibit_zps888ca91c.jpg
This one was probably my favorite.

Do you guys miss LEGOs? Were you a technical builder, down to the last plastic wheel or propeller, or more of a master color-brick-maker, like me?

Or maybe you never actually gave up the hobby . . . that's okay, too. Brad still has all of his LEGOs in a plastic tub in our basement, but shhh--you didn't hear it from me.

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