Monday, February 4, 2013

Being a Girl in the Age of Professional Football

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Now, I know I'm more than a stereotype, and I have nothing against members of the female species who enjoy a riveting sporting event, but when I gear up for something like the Super Bowl, I have different priorities in mind. Instead of crossing my fingers for red or purple teams, I'm making cupcakes (apparently, this is becoming a tradition). Instead of watching ESPN for pre-game predictions, I'm reading online stories about what Beyonce and the other two members of Destiny's Child might be singing during the halftime show. And . . . I think it goes without saying that I'm mostly excited about which commercial is going to make me LOL for the longest amount of time (but this last one might be everyone else in America, too).

For Football Extravaganza: XLVII Edition, Brad and I went to a Super Bowl party hosted by our friends, Ben and Katie. It didn't take long for the genders to separate--boys stayed downstairs to watch touchdowns, and girls went upstairs to . . . play Monopoly. Our game lasted about as long as the Super Bowl did, but we did take TV breaks for commercials and halftime entertainment. In the end, I missed a few ads, but nothing the Internet couldn't catch me up on this morning.

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Laura, Renee, and Katie during our Super Board Game (ha--see what I did there?).
Renee beat us mercilessly at the game, but we still like her.

How did you all enjoy the big game--did you eat any good variations on chicken wings or decorate in your favorite team's colors? I'd also love to hear what your favorite part of the show was: the Ravens' close win, the huge "lights out" moment (click here to see how Oreo and other brands rocked the power outage), Beyonce singing like a single lady, or the ads? Let me know!


  1. Haha you didn't want to watch any of the game?? I love football so I was totally into the game the whole time. Although before the game started we did play some poker (I won $40!) Which tv ad did you think was the funniest??

    1. Sadly, I am the biggest loser when it comes to sports. Can't play them, don't understand them...except for baseball (the watching, not the playing). I do wish I liked football so I'd have something in common with the majority of the U.S., but alas--it was not meant to be. And congrats on your poker winnings! I can't play that, either (I'm laughing at how pitiful this sounds).

      To answer your question, I lovvvved the Budweiser clydesdale ad (video here: that was on near the end of the game. The trainer/groomer guy reuniting with his long-lost horsey friend...watching it makes me sappy, and now I want a horse.

    2. Oh, and funniest ad...I liked the M&M's one with Naya Rivera (from Glee), the Oreo's whisper fight, and the Samsung Ad with Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen. Giggles all around. :)


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