Movin' on Up

8:58 AM

We are buying a house.

Oh, not now . . . I haven't prepared you all for that, have I? I mean, soon . . . this year. We hope.

In reality, we've just started looking for a place and are dipping our toes into that whole realm of house hunting. Truth be told, it hasn't really sunk in yet. We have so much more to do. But we've gotten started! Wheeeoooh. *Commence congratulatory remarks and pats on the back*

 photo IMAG0603copycopy_zps146f4e7d.jpg
This is not where we're moving.
Brad's and my first house, right after we were married . . . we were there less than two months due to the short time frame between our wedding and our moving day. We did not own a lawn mower, so please excuse the yard.

At present, our world is slowly shifting into that state of being where we're immersed in online listings, watching too much House Hunters and Property Virgins (I know they're not real, but give me this one), and becoming bestest friends with out real estate agent (I mean, he seems like a cool-enough guy). We've looked at a few places in person and are going back for more this week. Put that on your to-do list and check it right off.

What have I learned so far?

- Um, that foreclosures give you a lot of home for your money, but it takes a lot more money if you wanna use a lot of that home.

- If you want to make your house-viewing appointments, you have to start making dinner right after you eat lunch and hope your husband shows up on time to eat it. Otherwise, you'll both starve and end up eating take-out to calm the hangriness (see:  "hangry").

- Viewing prospective homes at night helps in avoiding crowds, but can be sort of creepy, particularly when a home has no electricity and/or random sewing tables sitting in the corner.

I'm obviously a total newbie at this, so if any of you have tips or stories about first-time home buying (or choosing/buying a house in general), feedback is welcome. And you know you'll be hearing more from me along the way.

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