Celebrating the Old, Celebrating the New

5:21 PM

New Year's Eve with my sister, Carolyn, and our friends, Olivia and Sidney

To usher in 2013, my sister and some of our friends decided to throw a Mad-Men-themed party, and of course I couldn't refuse the invitation. Dressing in our sixties-best, we turned back the clock and channeled a mix of our inner-housewife/female-empowered selves. Truth be told, I don't think we really knew what we were doing, but at least we looked good doing it.

Brad and our friend (and party hostess!) Ashley rigging up the Super Nintendo. Important stuff.
(Brad's not dressed up because we all knew he'd spill food on his new shirt.)
Olivia and her prized Jell-O mold.
She's hoping you won't notice that it fell out of the bowl into a visual form similar to that of zombie innards.
Carolyn, growling as usual.
I think she's up to something.
Putting on our pretty smiles.
... And letting our real selves slip out.

After the longest game of UNO known to man (I lost by one card), Carolyn, Brad, and I jetted back to ring in 12 a.m. with my parents and Ryan Seacrest. Quite possibly a good thing for me, since I had a cold and lost my voice before the ball dropped in New York. In my NyQuil-induced stupor, I wondered if Americans  west of the eastern standard time zone were jealous of our time advantage, how cranky I was going to be while spending the whole next day in a car, and why Fergie never wears pants. Then, I fell asleep, and Brad and I miraculously managed to pack everything up and make it back to Michigan by 10:30 the next evening. 

At the moment, I'm extending my celebration of the new year by enjoying my still-standing Christmas tree (I may or may not have added more ornaments after we got home the other night) and using this new year as an opportunity to look at the world around me in a more positive light. I've already resolved to keep in contact with more people and seize the moment as it comes, and I'd say I'm off to a pretty good start. I also have a few errands to run, but I think those can wait just one more day. ;)

How did you all welcome 2013? Any big plans for this year?

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