Show Me Your Tree

12:04 PM

You know a good way to cheer yourself up? Looking at Christmas trees. I've enjoyed seeing everyone's photos online over the past few weeks, and decided to share one of my own today (after Instagram finally decided to stop being a colossal pain).

My little tree. It makes me happy.

The thing about Christmas trees is that it's really hard to make them look bad. Even if the lights and decorations are sloppy, there's something magical about that glow the finished product gives off. And your world suddenly feels as though you're living in a story book.

That's why I've decided to invite you (yes, you) and everyone you know to send me photos of your own lovely trees. Post them to my Facebook wall, tag me on Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, or Instagram (@jbpics87)--whatever your fancy (but please, no photo links in the blog comment section, as you might be misconstrued as spam).

When you submit a photo, feel free to include your name and wherever you happen to be on this earth, and I'll do my best to share your photos on my Facebook page and (if I end up with enough) right here on this blog during the remainder of the Christmas season.

Sounds fun, right? Yup, I thought so. Now, get to snapping those pictures. I can't wait to see them all!

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