"That was really fun--let's never do it again."

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I'm really excited.

Of course, most of you are probably still digesting leftover turkey, but I've been more than ready for Christmas since before Halloween got here. I blame it on the 30-something-degree temperatures that smacked me in the face in late October (thanks, Michigan, I get it), but I refuse to be pushed around. It got cold, I was forced to bring out the scarf and gloves, and thus felt compelled to buy presents for people. It's all good. Well, I've actually barely started my shopping, but hey--at least my tree is up.

Because my living room is still in a state of decorating distress, you get a front row view of my tree! Enjoy!
I'm also really excited about this wreath that my mom made for me over Thanksgiving break. It's huge and I love it.

I actually kicked off my Christmas decorating last weekend while I was home with my family over Thanksgiving. It all started with a Home Depot flyer.

Me (looking at the Black Friday ad): "Carolyn! Look at this gingerbread house! It's so cute . . . it even has a little Home Depot guy!

Carolyn (being difficult): *Long stare* *Hides face to pretend she's not interested* *Smiles in silent admittance that she loves the Home Depot gingerbread house, too*

Fast-forward to the next day . . . I'm in Home Depot with my parents, Carolyn's off somewhere getting tires put on her car. There has been talk of Carolyn leaving town early to beat holiday traffic, but I will not let that stand. I find the best gingerbread house ever on a shelf near the registers, snap a picture, and send it to her with the words, "If you stay tonight, I will buy this to make."

Her response: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YES!!!" (or something like that)

Later that night, we sit down to assemble this fine work of art. Growing up, we never really put together a real gingerbread house, but I figured that if people do this every day, two twenty-somethings should be able to figure out how to stick some cookies together with frosting. And that's where the real work began.

Photobucket   Photobucket
Left: My mom helps out with frosting the roof.
Right: Carolyn works some of her horrible magic to ruin the roof.

Guys, making a gingerbread house is really hard. When you open a pre-made kit, the cookies are bent to the point of almost breaking, the candy is stale, and the frosting sticks about as well as semi-malleable plastic. We soon learned that our creation might not turn out quite like the picture on the box, and craft time quickly turned into a Kindergarten project gone horribly wrong.

The frosting was so thick, it took forever to cover the roof. I'll give you one guess as to which side you think my mom and I did, and which side Carolyn took charge of.

I felt kind of bad for my mom, because the whole process was kind of reminiscent of being seven years old and not knowing how to build your own solar system. When Carolyn and I became useless, she took over. And we watched. And no one really wanted to decorate the gingerbread house any more.

"This sucks." - My mom
There was a lot of laughing going on at the kitchen table that night, but somehow we finished. Kind of.

"It doesn't look like the picture!"
Amputee down.
At the time, we thought this part actually looked a little better than the majority of the house.
Up close, it just kind of makes me want to throw up a little.

After doing all we could to make the ugly even uglier, we accepted our mediocrity and gracefully resigned our efforts for the evening. The eight dollars I spent on the kit? Totally worth it.

And in the end, I fixed our little mess the best way I knew how . . .


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