Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Twitchcraft

I'm a firm believer that the best projects are accomplished through making huge messes. So, following that frame of mind, I'm considering my Halloween costume this year to be a great success. The downside? My living room and dining area are a wreck right now.

Because Halloween falls on my birthday every year, I like dressing up regardless of whether or not anyone else around me feels like doing so. Thus ensued my search yesterday morning for costume materials, delayed to the last minute because it took me until Tuesday evening to figure out what on Earth I was going to be. The final verdict? I decided to embody this newfangled social contraption that's most commonly referred to as Twitter.

Photobucket   Photobucket
My dining room table, covered in Halloween magic. I originally made a mask to go with my costume, but decided (after an hour and a half of meticulous feather arranging and glue gun burns), that it was way too much. Hit me up if you have plans to impersonate a peacock any time soon.

After some less-than-tragic angst over trying to figure out iron-on transfers (I made Brad help so I could blame him if it turned out badly) and a last-minute run to the drugstore for glitter, everything finally came together. Say hello to social networking in human form:


Brad told me to make this face.

Despite the fact that the only people who saw my costume were 20 trick-or-treaters and a group of un-costumed friends we went to dinner with (most of whom probably just assumed I was an under-dressed flapper), I had a lot of fun putting together the outfit and playing dress-up. Plus, I'm sure that this t-shirt will get quite a few more wears, even after the picture starts crackling (I have a couple "I <3 NY" shirts that have previously demonstrated the inevitable). It's win-win, as far as I'm concerned. If anyone's planning a social media party, just lemme know.


  1. Great idea, Jennifer!

    You did not have to sew and you can use the shirt and the feather boa for other purposes, too.
    Next year perhaps...... you could become "Frau Holle" for a night.
    I hope you had a lot of fun on your halloweenbirthday.

  2. Thanks, Heike! And yes, I'm sure I can use the other costume pieces for something...or at least I'll be saying that for the next year whenever I don't clean them out of my closet. :) And I don't know the story of "Frau Holle," but I plan on studying up later!


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