See Ya Later, Tigers. Hello, Halloween.

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Today's a rather sad day for Tigers fans, but perhaps not of the surprising sort. After all, those first three World Series games against the Giants this weekend were kind of a premonition for Detroit's--um, hiccups--against San Francisco, an all-too-clear road to the unfortunate end of baseball season in the Motor City. I caught most or all of each game, grumbling and whining the whole way through. Well, maybe grumbling and whining more during games two and three. For the first, I was still hopeful that we had a great shot at winning despite our rocky start. And the fourth game--well, I just kind of froze in sad disbelief as the so-called "battle of the bullpens" turned into a sad sweep. A sad sweep that would, ironically, mirror our success in the ALCS against the Yankees (in reverse, of course).

Brad and I drove through downtown Detroit on Saturday night before Game 3 started.
The city wasn't packed, but was certainly bustling and busier than I have ever witnessed while in the D.
Finally got my photo of this guy.
The Spirit of Detroit, decked in Tigers attire in honor of the 2012 ALCS Championship and World Series.

Oh, well.

I'm over it. At least in the sense where I'm not ashamed to wear my Detroit shirt in public or slap an ol' English-D sticker on my car window. Or do this:


That's right. I made that. All. By my. Self.

To help numb the baseball-induced pain (and appease my appetite for fun, Halloween-related activities), Brad and I carved pumpkins during game four. For someone (me) who has only ever free-handed silly, snaggle-toothed faces, this was a big deal for me. And sure, I didn't finish my design until baseball season ended, but I'm still pleased with the outcome. Now, I just hope these little works of art can make it through Wednesday without being ravaged by our monster raccoon.

Brad, testing out the glow quotient of his jack-o-lantern.
All kinds of American car love.
Photobucket      Photobucket
So proud.

Now, I'm on to other pressing matters, like whether or not I'll be able to put together a costume by Wednesday.

I know you all are on the edge of your seats. Throw me some suggestions while you're teetering there, will ya?


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