Baseball: Playoff Fever and Tiger Mania

5:03 PM


Who's watching the Tigers game right now? Are you as neurotic about it as I am?

Baseball's so ingrained in me at the moment, I almost typed "Tigers" with an @ symbol just now. That's one of the side effects of constantly live-tweeting about one topic, folks. I apologize to you non-baseball fans who follow me on Twitter.

For the past few weeks, I've been in baseball-mode . . . almost a baseball frenzy. It started out with the excitement of not one, but two teams to root for--the Orioles and the Tigers. Detroit for obvious reasons, and Baltimore because it's my dad's team and I grew up watching my parents yell happy or not-so-happy things at the TV whenever an O's game was on. To quickly catch you up on the situation: The Orioles used to be really good. Then, they weren't for a while. Then, this year--pow, bam--they're kicking butt and taking names. They made it all the way to the ALDS round of the playoffs, but barely got snuffed out by the Yankees. And so, it's time for my dearly-beloved Tigers to take revenge and shut New York down.

The downsides to my baseball mania? I've sort of developed an inclination to yelling at my TV. And pulling my hair out. And clapping really loudly when I'm in a room by myself. As a result, my hands hurt, and I feel a little crazy sometimes. And, whoopsie . . . I may or may not have missed a couple (all) of the presidential/VP debates so far . . . but it's worth it. Politics should not be discounted, but I prefer to be optimistic in life and watch things that keep me awake, not put me to sleep. In the meantime, I'll take my election facts in an unbiased, read-only format, thank you very much.

Election? Sorry, my TV's been tuned into TBS for half a month now.

So, with Game 4 of the Tigers vs. Yankees series now in its third inning, I'm signing off for now to fuel my new habit, and crossing every finger that tonight will be the night that Detroit officially sweeps New York. A 56-inch TV, embroidered baseball cap, and box of Cracker Jacks--I think I'm all set.

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