M.I.A.: Fourth of July Edition

3:14 PM

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Pile of chairs after the pre-holiday storms, shopping with my parents, seafood feast

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Movie-watching all week. Disney, superheroes, aliens, the drive-in, you name it.

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Boating trips to Claytor Lake. We took Maggie.

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The Fourth

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Trip back home. Message from Daddy, Brad being my chauffeur, and an amazing Ohio sunset.

Despite the fact that I'm really tired and now have tons of laundry and grocery shopping to do, I had an amazing Fourth of July week in Virginia with my family and friends. Fireworks, hanging out, movie-going (Brave, MIB3, and The Amazing Spider-Man), and tons of hot dogs and watermelon made for a terrific time, and I can't say that I'd mind having another week to do it all again.

Our trip home last night went pretty well, in spite of one semi-terrifying trip through a massive thunderstorm in Charleston, West Virginia. Basically, Brad and I had to make a detour to the nearest exit because driving on the interstate was like driving through a zero-visibility hurricane.

Feel free to relive the discomfort and nail-biting with me here:


Needless to say, it's good to be back and out of the downpour. Now, it's back to real life. Please excuse me while I try to remember how this goes.

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