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It's been a while since I last wrote a post related to advertising or media in general, so I figured now (in the middle of the week, before I head off into the unknown again) would be a great time to put together a few snippets of what's caught my eye lately (and yes, I really do spend my free time absorbed in this stuff).

Show of the Moment: The Pitch


If you're a regular Mad Men watcher, then you've probably seen AMC's new follow-up show, The Pitch. Airing directly after Mad Men on Sunday evenings, The Pitch follows real-world advertising companies in closely-documented competitions to win new clientele. Meetings occur, all-night work sessions are a given, and ultimately, one team is crowned the victor while the other sulks quietly in the corner. Unfortunately, many Pitch viewers have already discovered the formula for predicting each week's winner (i.e., whoever looks like they're winning during the entire episode will actually be the loser), but seeing all the creatives at work is still gratifying. And psst: if you're a social media junkie like myself, log onto Twitter while you're watching. Following #thepitch during the show's airings is almost more entertaining than watching the hour-long program itself.

Person of the Moment: Tina Roth Eisenberg


Also known as the "Swiss Miss," Tina Roth Eisenberg came to the United States in 1999 to work among some of the world's most prominent design-oriented creatives. After years of helping elevate companies such as Thinkmap and Visual Thesaurus, Eisenberg eventually opened her own design studio and moved on to several other projects, including organizing Creative Mornings, a monthly breakfast lecture series for creative professionals based in cities all over the world. Fascinated by this intelligent, entrepreneurial woman, I started following Eisenberg and her recent projects a few weeks ago. In particular, I enjoy her Instagram feed, which frequently features snapshots of her world in the creative industry and shares fun ideas used for Creative Mornings gatherings.

One of Eisenberg's Creative Mornings (CM) exercises features blank Venn Diagrams, overlapping to make the word "magic." What two things together create magic for you?

SwissMiss on Instagram

Do-Good Campaign of the Moment: Geek the Library

I heard about this one from Novi Public Library's Facebook page. "Geek the Library" is an initiative to increase public library funding and awareness, highlighting the importance that the library system has in our world. A student researching for an important paper, a job-hunter utilizing valuable internet resources, a mother introducing her child to stories beyond "Once upon a time"--all of these people have different stories and different reasons for using public library services. And ultimately, topics of study can range from ancient history to zombie fiction. Everyone considers him or herself an expert or "geek" in some field--what do you geek-out for?


Book of the Moment: Ogilvy on Advertising


An oldie, but goody. Every ad-type out there knows of the legendary David Ogilvy, ad exec and innovator. This book is comprised of his invaluable advice, complete with tried-and-true examples of some of his most successful campaigns (and otherwise). Of course, because it was published before the digital age, Ogilvy on Advertising doesn't touch on today's Facebook and Twitter era, but the fact that it is rooted in timeless strategy is enough to make the publication a classic teaching tool. And get this--even non-ad geeks will find the material entertaining. Case in point? I watched my engineer-husband pick up this book the other day, reading without mindlessly flipping through the pages. His words? "This is actually pretty interesting."

So, have any of these things popped up in your day-to-day? If there's anything in the media realm that you've recently had your eye on, let me know!

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